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Friday, April 14, 2017

Review: Scentbird Monthly Fragrance Subscription

Place Purchased: Scentbird.com
Price: $14.95/month

Oh my, it seems like the list of things I love is never ending.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE fragrances!  And like most things in my life, I want the expensive kind, that start out at around $60.00 a bottle.

I came across and ad for Scentbird - my pulse started racing as I visited the site.  Literally hundreds of fragrances - what?!!?!?  For $14.95 a month for a 30 days supply - double what?!!!?!!?

I rushed to sign up and early waited for my first shipment.  There we so many fragrances to choose from!  You browse through their site and put the scents you'd like to receive in your que.  You can switch your que around, skip a month (or several) and they even have fragrances for men.  They offer a variety of options including gift sets.  You can also purchase full size from them if you find one you can't live without.

The site advertises: “Date” perfumes before “marrying” them.
This is great for people like me, as I'm picky about my fragrances.  I've received a few I don't care that much for, so I plan on giving them away to someone who likes the scent more than I do.

You receive 1 reusable case with your first order.  They must have messed up, because somehow I've received 4!  I also bought the stand you see to hold them from wish.com.

Pros:  Buy a perfume for an inexpensive price, better than the free samples given out at dept. stores, it's at least 30 days if you wear it every day.  Price includes shipping.

Cons:  You might get stuck with a fragrance you don't like, but it's worth the risk.  You can always give it away.

Final Result:  LOVE IT!  As you can see from my collection, I've been a member for awhile now, and will continue to be as new fragrances are continuously released.

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