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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Review: Fitbit Charge HR - Purple

Place purchased:  Primenow Amazon
Price: $79.99

I was in a bit of a hurry to get this item, my cousin was in town visiting from Michigan, and we were doing a lot of walking.  I've been on a low carb diet since October 2016, so I was wanting to up my exercise, as my weight loss lately has been slow.  She had another brand of lifestyle watch, and recommended I get one.  After looking on Primenow (because I wanted one pronto), I went with this one due to the lower price point.  For the beginner, it seemed perfect to me.  There are other options of Fitbits, but they are higher priced due to the functions or style.  This was ordered at 10pm and waiting on my doorstep the next morning.  Have to love Amazon Prime Now!

Pros:  It syncs with my smartphone.  It tracks a few different things, such as my heart rate, steps per day, calories burned, distance, flights of stairs.  It is also supposedly to automatically detect other types of physical exercise.  When you've reached your set goal(s) for the day, it vibrates.  It has really helped to keep me motived to reach my goals.

Cons:  I went bike riding once and it did not auto detect right away. I'm not sure how many miles I actually rode.  I also bought a size larger than I needed, so be sure to read the size description and measure your wrist.  I have a few holes left until I can no longer use it, so I'm hoping it will still fit as I lose weight.

Final Result:  LOVE IT!  It has helped me to be conscious of my daily exercise.  I've walked more and make a bigger effort to get exercise than I used to.  There are also challenges you can set up for yourself, and online communities to bond with other Fitbit users and challenge each other.

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