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Monday, April 17, 2017

Review: GlobeIn Monthly Subscription Box

Place purchased: Globein.com
Price: $10.00/month ($10.90 with tax)

Advertised as: Artisan made products from around the world, helping to fight poverty.

I joined this club because it's rather inexpensive and I like the mission behind it.  They use artisans from around the world and send us their handmade items.

This month I received a pair of earring from craftswomen/men located in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Eastern China.  The brand is Marquet, which employs over 100 jewelry craftsman, offers both full time and part time opportunities, and provide the opportunity to work at home.  Marquet also supports the Binh Minh collective of 20 families in Vietnam, who weave beautiful scarves from locally-raised silk.  Marquet is dedicated to importing handmade accessories, gifts, and decor from Thailand and Vietnam. 

I wasn't so sure at first that I liked these earrings.  Then I happened to notice I was wearing a shirt that matched the colors perfectly.  They are cute, I thought to myself.  I will give them a try!

This is my second month with this subscription service.  Last month I received a small handmade bowl, artistically decorated.  I am unsure if I will continue with this club or not.  It depends on if I find value and am able to use what I receive.  I won't keep a subscription just to accumulate clutter.

Pros:  Cheap.  Helps support artistians in other countries.  Global impact, and warm fuzzy feeling from knowing I am helping others.

Cons:  You don't know what you will get.  You may or may not like it.  Maybe the items I don't like, I can give as gifts?

Final Result:  Undecided.  I will see how things go in a few months to decide if I want to cancel, or keep receiving this membership. 

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