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Friday, April 14, 2017

Review: Louis Vuitton Keyholders


Place Purchased:  louisvuitton.com and Louis Vuitton Michigan Ave, Chicago ILL.
Price: Monogram around $175, Vernis was around $375

I've had both of my LV key holders for awhile, so you'll have to excuse me for not remembering the prices of them.  The vernis was pretty pricey, but I was on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, and just HAD to buy something!  At LV prices, this was a "bargain" of the selection they have.  It was either this, or a $2000.00 bag.  

At first, I thought "why do I need TWO key holders?", so I just used the 6 style one for a few years now.  Then, I bought another car - and voila! both key holders are in use. 

When I first saw LV key holders, I couldn't wrap my head around why I needed one.  And I didn't buy one, even though I had collected LV for quite a few years. Then one day, I read online why I had to have one.  It protects the inside of our precious bags from damage from our keys. Enough said.  I ordered one post haste, and never looked back.

I like the 6 holder size because it fits the larger fobs.  Although it's very easy to have the fobs hanging outside of the holder, and just keys inside.  I've also got a ring or two inside that are unused, so that's the perfect spot for all of those shopping cards everyone likes to give out.  Both of my key holders are also heat stamped with my initial.  This is a free service from LV.  Just remember though, heat stamping makes items harder to sell if you ever decide you don't love it anymore.

Pros:  Does not harm the inside of your bag.  Looks snazzy and unique.  There is a large variety of patterns, and colors for both sizes.  It is something that is used every day.  They have both held up pretty well over time.  I just now noticed that my vernis has a tiny chip spot on the front panel.  However there are no scratches to the vernis, despite I don't baby it.

Cons:  Larger fobs may not fit inside.  

Final Result:  LOVE IT!  This is a must have for any LV lover.

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