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Friday, April 14, 2017


Place Purchased:  Bloomingdales at Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego CA.
Price: $35.00

I have around 4-5 MAC brushes now, but I felt I had to add this one to my collection because it gives your foundation an air brushed look.  I have 2 other foundation brushes by MAC, and this one is my favorite.  It's advertised as: "A brush that applies, buffs out and blends thick creams and liquids." It does a splendid job.  It's thick, with short slanted bristles.

Pros:  Gives your face foundation an air brushed look.  Good coverage.

Cons:  $35.00 is a bit steep for a brush, so it's not something everyone will spring for.  However, if you just get to choose 1 brush for foundation, I would choose this one.  I wish I had bought this one first, I would not have purchased the other 2 I have.

Final Result:  LOVE IT!  It's my favorite foundation brush.

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