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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Review: Berrisom - My Lip Tint Pack (Set of 6)

Place Purchased:  Amazon.com
Price:  $14ish

I am not one to normally wear lipstick, due to the fact it lasts about 5 min. because I eat or drink something and off it comes.  It's really frustrating, because I happen to have a lot of lipstick, thanks to the beauty boxes I've gotten over the past year or so.  

So I see a Facebook ad for this supposedly great new product, I read a few reviews and decided to give it a go.  You apply it, let is set for up to 20 min, then peel it off to reveal the color underneath. It is supposedly like a lip tattoo, lasting up to 12 hrs.  

I put some on this morning, and let it set for about 15 min or so.

Pros:  It did give my lips some semi-permanent color.  I used the next to the last color, which I thought would be too dark for me.  Once the top layer is peeled off, the color underneath is lighter.  It did not last 12 hrs, but I am also not sure I let it set long enough.  I will try again tomorrow.

Cons:  It's hard to not have your lips touch while it's waiting to dry!  I started to slobber.
Other reviewers commented on how hard it is to get off if you make a mistake applying.  I found that a q-tip took it right off, if you removed it immediately.

Final Result:  Undecided at this time.  I will post again later once I've had the chance to give it more time.

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