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Friday, April 14, 2017

Review: MAC Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist

Place Purchased:  MAC Store, Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego CA.
Price: $25.00

I had a big important business meeting and wanted to look my best.  I had "ok" make up, but I wanted great make up for this important event.  I chose MAC due to it's reputation in the industry, and I've dabbled with a few items in the past.  That day, I walked out with $280.00 worth of products! Needless to say, I've got a lot of great MAC items to review.  Well maybe "a lot" is a bit of an over statement, because at their prices, you aren't going home with a grocery bag full of stuff.

I wasn't sure why I needed this charged water, but I bought it anyway.  I'm glad I did.  The MAC tech advised me to use it before applying anything to my skin, then once again when I was done with the final powder.  

I have oily skin, so the "before" isn't really necessary to hydrate my skin.  I found that spraying the charged water again after the finishing powder is applied, gives my skin a natural look, instead of the dry powdery look I normally obtain.  Some might even say "dewy".  

Pros:  Perfect for all skin types.  Gives a more natural look to your finished make up, especially if you have powdery or dry skin.

Cons:  It's a bit pricey, so use sparingly.

Final Result:  LOVE IT!  This one will remain on my must have list.

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