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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Review: Louis Vuitton Multicolore Courtney MM

Place Purchased: Facebook group (retired)

I am a huge handbag lover, and unfortunately for my wallet, I love the expensive designer kind.  I've been hooked since the first time I carried a purse, which was around 16 or so, when I needed a place for my keys.  Over the years, my tastes have gotten more and more expensive.  My first splurge was a $99.00 Dooney & Bourke Mini Bucket.  I thought that was the most outrageous price EVER!  I couldn't believe I had paid that much for a bag.  I was so proud of that thing...and it was so CUTE!  I wish I still had it, it would be a vintage bag now!  

I've got a very large handbag collection.  I'll be reviewing quite a few (if not all) of them on this blog.

First up is the Louis Vuitton Multicolore Blanc Courtney MM.  This bag is retired, and no longer available new.  I've always loved the multicolore line.  While a speedy was my first interest, I saw this bag for sale in a FB group a few years back, and went for it.  I love bags that have a strap and handles.  That's my fave kind.  This one, thanks for the Christian Louboutin type spikes, can also be used as a weapon!  Clunk someone with this bag, and you can do some real damage!

Pros:  Well, it's Louis Vuitton! Enough said?  Maybe.  Louis Vuitton is very exclusive, and they don't put their items on sale.  Therefore, bags retain their value.  This bag is perfect for spring and summer, has a lovely plush scarlet red lining and is quite an attention getter.

Cons:  It's a bit on the heavy side.  The strap is not long enough to go cross body.  You can easily purchase a longer strap directly from LV, if you wish to wear it that way.  Or on eBay, etc.

Final Result:  LOVE IT! but it is for sale,  due to my ever changing taste.  $1200.00 if you are interested.

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