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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Review: HERMÈS Béarn Wallet - rose Jaipur

Place Purchased: Hermes, Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego CA.
Price: $2650.00

Well, since I purchased the Evelyne III 29, I couldn't go around with a mis-matched wallet, now could I?  Not only that, I didn't want a black one, because it would get lost inside of my bag.  So, the SA showed me this beautiful rose color, and it was love.  It has 5 card slots and a few other long slots for paper.  The slot behind the coin section is spacious, it could easily hold a book of checks.  

This wallet is butter soft, just like the bag I purchased.  Just smelling Hermes is a rush!  Oh my goodness, it's as good (some might say better) than new car smell!  The leather smell lingered for days, and I still get a nice whiff every now and then.  It fits perfect inside my Evelyne and no embarrassment about my wallet not matching my bag (ok, this might be a figment of my imagination that anyone even notices).  

Pros:  Lots of space.  Coin section, several long sections for paper, and 5 slots.  Convenient outer closure with a nice "H" on it.   Butter soft and flexible.

Cons:  Too large for smaller bags.  I also could not afford one in every color.  Definitely a con.  

Final Result:  LOVE IT!  This wallet is my 3rd Hermes purchase.  This brand is a keeper, and I will be back for more!

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